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Hello. My name is Anne Younger, and I am the owner of Amay Web Design, and I would like to share a little about us. We are a small business located in Twin Waters, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. My background is in retail. Previously I owned a convenience/takeaway store, here on the Coast. My passion is website design and development.

In 2005, I stumbled into website design and development, when I was running my own online fashion business. I knew what I wanted in my website, but didn’t have the resources to have someone professionally build my site. This set about me researching online for the best solutions, for me to create the website myself.

Starting out, I learnt some basic coding, and then stumbled upon WordPress. I was in love! WordPress offered me everything I needed to create an impressive website that rivalled my competitors, and I was able to edit the site with the knowledge I had learnt.

The more I delved into web design and development, the more I desired to learn more. This cemented my interest in website design and it quickly became my passion. I completed a diploma in website development to achieve the skills and knowledge I needed to start my own web design business. I have not looked back!

It is my hope that you will fall in love with the website I create for you, as much as I love putting the time and effort into its development. As a result of my personal experiences, it is very important to me, to offer my services to all clients, no matter your budget, or how big or small your website project will be. I look forward to working with you!

Even though we are located on the Sunshine Coast, we work with clients throughout the globe.

What is the story behind the name – ‘Amay’

Firstly, some may be unsure of the way it is pronounced. It is fairly simple,  A-may Web Design. As in, Amazing (Amay-zing) Web Design. My passion is creating amazing websites, so it seemed like a natural pick for my business.

There are a few other reason why I chose Amay. It is a mixture of my own name,  Anne Marie Younger, and I was born in May. As it all seemed to tie together, I thought it was a perfect fit. lol 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this silly bit of trivia. 😛