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How to add a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard on WordPress 2019
How to add a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard on WordPress 2019 Analytics are very important for tracking how people find, and use your website, giving you valuable insight as to what attracts people to your site, and how you can keep them coming back. The simplest way to track and […]

How to add a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard on WordPress ...

Why Do I need a form landing page? Whether I am working on a new website build, or an established site, I recommend an appealing but simple, clutter-free landing page with a form. Depending on the type of business I am working with, a submission form of some sort is […]

Set Up Your Form Landing Page with WPForms

Website design is ever evolving as advancements are made in technology. Let’s take a look at the webdesign hints and tips for 2019.  Website Design Tips for 2019 1. Mobile Responsive Having a website that can be viewed and navigated on all devices is our top pick for website design […]

Top 5 Website Design Tips for 2019 and beyond

Update woocommerce plugin before updating wordpress 5.0
Just a quick reminder to my clients to update Woocommerce to version 3.5.1+ BEFORE updating to WordPress 5.0 when it is released in a few weeks. In case you missed it, WooCommerce 3.5 was released two weeks ago with some exciting new features and upgrades including: REST API v3 Friendlier […]

Please install WooCommerce 3.5.1 before WordPress 5.0 is released

amay website design teal and black background for header
Welcome to our first session of our “Let’s Discuss Series”, where Amay Web Design will bring you information on all things Web Design & Development Related. Our first topic for discussion will be Website Hosting, where we will go into more detail about the Website Hosting Companies we recommend and […]

NameHero Website Hosting – Let’s Discuss Series

While building websites for our clients, we have worked with a lot of hosting company’s and have put together the following list as a guide for choosing not only the cheapest, but in our opinion, the best value for money hosting companies.  If you are in the market to have […]

Top 5 Best and Cheapest Website Hosting

Youtube is currently experiencing a major outage. YouTube’s official Twitter channels have acknowledged the issue and are currently attempting to resolve it. At the time of writing this, no update has been given, and the platform is still down. Video playback does not work. It is quite eerie. As a website developer, […]

YouTube DOWN: Error 503 Internal Server Issues – Website Not ...

With a large collection of WordPress themes, building websites with ThemeHunt themes has always been rewarding. When they announced that they would be closing their website it left a lot of website owners and developers disappointed. All good things come to an end, but it was sad to see such […]

ThemeHunt relaunches with Free Bootstrap Templates & Website Themes

When developing new websites, I have a set of plugins that I always install, as standard, no matter the website or business type. In my opinion, all websites should have an XML sitemap, and the plugin I choose to install to automatically create them is Yoast Seo. What are XML […]

The Importance of an XML Sitemap

Try out G Suite with no obligation with a 14 day free trial.  What is G Suite?  G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business […]

G Suite 14 Day Free Trial

If you’re looking for creative tools to help take your world – both online and off – to new heights, look no further than piZap. When I say that it is going to be your new favorite photo editing and design tool, I’m not kidding. Why? Because piZap make it […]

PiZap Photo Editing and Design Tool – Fast and Feature ...

Yesterday we had a client ask us for an online payment form for their wordpress website. They are not very tech-savvy, but like to look after the day-to-day running of their site themselves. The clients wanted an easy way of accepting recurring payments via Stripe, through an online form. WPForms., […]

How to Create an Online Payment Form in WordPress with ...

Why Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance is so Important. Amay Web Design has completed your website project, and your site is now live. You are all set for business, but what happens to your site from here? Most people think that designing and building the website is all that there is […]

Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Critical to your Successful Website

How to use Yoast Seo Wordpress Plugin for better SEO
When I am developing new websites, there are some essential plugins that I believe are must-haves for sites built on WordPress. Yoast Seo Wordpress plugin is one of them, and my clients find it easy to use, once they understand how to, and is an important part of ensuring articles and […]

How to use Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin for better SEO ...

Today an interesting article landed in my inbox, from Wordfence.  “WordPress Supply Chain Attacks: An Emerging Threat” As you might know, we highly recommend the use of website security plugins, such as WordFence, and we take onboard their opinions and recommendations.  I found their article important and all website owners […]

WordFence says “WordPress Supply Chain Attacks: An Emerging Threat”

copywriting vs content writing
Amay Web Design offers both content writing and copywriting services. Does this leave you confused? They are the same thing, aren’t they? In some ways, the answer is yes, they are both writing text, and are used for online and offline content. In actual fact, the truth is, they are […]

Copywriting vs Content Writing