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Full Service Affordable Website Package

Amay Web Design is pleased to bring you our all-in-one, affordable, website package !

This package is everything you need to get started with your online business. All-in-one website solution, with low upfront cost. Let us take care of it all, so that you can spend your time, building your business.  Layby your website!

$299 deposit + 6x $66 payments per month

How does this package differ from our other packages?

All our other website packages include stand-alone hosting and domain registration for 12 months, meaning our clients are responsible for renewing their domain names and hosting accounts after the initial 12 months. 

With our Full Service Affordable Website Package, Amay Web Design takes care of the initial domain name and hosting costs. Instead of our clients having to pay for stand alone hosting, all websites are hosted in our business hosting account, saving our clients time and money. 

This is the most affordable way to have a fully functional website for your business. 

Who owns my website with this package?

*Our clients completely own their domain, website content, database and images. If at any time, you wish to move your website domain, content and database to your own free-standing hosting, etc, that is fine. When you have a site designed and hosted by us you are not under any form of contract or obligation. Therefore you can take your site including source files elsewhere at any time, however, you will not be refunded and will be expected to pay any outstanding invoices before we release the zip files of your content and database. For a small fee, we will even help you to set your site on your own hosting. 

What the Package Includes


This package includes registration of your domain name for 1 year. You will be required to renew your domain for a further 1 year before it expires each year.

HINTS ON PICKING A WEB ADDRESS – A web address (A.K.A. Domain Name) should be as short as possible, easy to pronounce and typically relative to your business. You want to be able to verbally say your web address to someone once and have them recall it at a later date without error. If you are an Australian business Amay suggests that you choose a ‘’ or ‘’ domain rather than just ‘.com’, By doing this, customers typically trust that you are actually an Australian business.


Your website content will be hosted with Amay Web Design, offering 99.9% uptime, plus unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You will always remain the owner of your content, and you can move your site to your own hosting at any time. (*Terms and Conditions Apply) The cost of your website includes hosting for 12 months. A month or so prior to your website hosting expiring, and being due for renewal, we will send an invoice to you, for another 12 months hosting with us. 

What about email accounts?

Your website will come with 2 email addresses for your website. You will have use of those email address for the duration that you host with us, We can even forward the email accounts if you prefer. Extra email accounts are available for additional fees. 

Can I access my website to make edits?

Yes !  We will send you details of your login information so that you can access the back end dashboard of your site. You will be able to do unlimited text edits to your content, including uploading new products and images. 

What is the initial cost and ongoing fees?

Our fee structure is very simple and there are no hidden costs. The only time there will be any additional fees, is if you choose to hire us to do any further work on your site, add more products/content, change your website structure or add optional features, or your yearly renewals.

We require a deposit of $299 before work is commenced, then the remaining balance of your website will be paid by you, in 6 monthly installments of $66. 

As long as your deposit of $299, and $66 per month for 6 months (A total of $695) is paid in full, we will continue to host your website for one year, from your project start date. At the end of one year, you will need to pay a small fee to continue using our hosting. We will invoice you approx. a month before your hosting expires. 


The package above, is everything you need to get started with your online business. It really is an all-in-one website solution. Let us take care of it all, so that you can spend your time, building your business.  

Full Service Affordable Website Package Terms & Conditions

All information contained on this page, also forms part of the Terms and Conditions of our Full Service Affordable Website Package.

In these terms and conditions,  “us”, “Amay”, “me”,  refer to Amay Web Design. ( and “you”, “client” “purchaser” “your” refers to any client. visitor or person who purchases the products on this page.

A deposit of $299 must be paid, and received by Amay Web Design, before work will commence on your website. Once the deposit is paid, it indicates that you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Once the website development and design is complete the balance of the Initial Cost, must be paid in full by 6 x monthly payments of $66. Total Cost $695.

Amay Web Design remains the owner of your domain, website content, website images, website database, until the full cost of the Initial Setup is received by Amay Web Design. Once the full payment is received, the registered domain, website content, website images and website database then become the property of the client. 

The hosting will always remain the property of Amay Web Design. We agree to continue to host your website until you opt to end hosting with us. (Two weeks written notice is required before cancelling hosting with us. This gives us time to do the necessary steps to prepare your database and website files ready to give to you, or transfer them to your own hosting.). No refund will be given of any unused hosting. 

As part of your initial Website Setup, Amay Web Design will install a free theme from the WordPress Theme Depository and free plugins from WordPress.  If you require a premium theme or plugin, additional fees will apply.  

Your 6 months, $66 subscription will be through PayPal, unless other arrangements are agreed upon. This is at the discretion of Amay Web Design. 

If you do choose to cancel your website, Amay Web Design will cease to host, or renew your domain. All outstanding fees must be paid in full, and no refunds will be given. We will send you a zip  copy of your website files, and database., as long as your website was paid for, in full. You can then move your site to other hosting, or Amay Web Design can move the site for you, and set it up on your new hosting, for a fee. 

Unless you opt to subscribe to monthly maintenance, Amay Web Design will not be responsible or liable if your website is a victim of spammers, hackers, or purposeful attempts to harm or destroy your website files, images, content, email, or database. We will however, do all we can to restore your website back to good standing. Amay Web Design will keep a working back up of your website at all times, in case of such incidents.  All hosting accounts can experience short downtime from time to time, and you agree that Amay Web Design is not responsible or liable. These downtimes are usually under 5 minutes, and have little impact on your website or business. 

These terms and conditions were last updated 13th November 2022, and are subject to change, without prior notification at any time. It is recommended that while you are an active subscriber to this package deal, you check back and read our terms and conditions regularly. All updated terms and conditions will be added here.