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Update woocommerce plugin before updating wordpress 5.0
Just a quick reminder to my clients to update Woocommerce to version 3.5.1+ BEFORE updating to WordPress 5.0 when it is released in a few weeks. In case you missed it, WooCommerce 3.5 was released two weeks ago with some exciting new features and upgrades including: REST API v3 Friendlier […]

Please install WooCommerce 3.5.1 before WordPress 5.0 is released

Youtube is currently experiencing a major outage. YouTube’s official Twitter channels have acknowledged the issue and are currently attempting to resolve it. At the time of writing this, no update has been given, and the platform is still down. Video playback does not work. It is quite eerie. As a website developer, […]

YouTube DOWN: Error 503 Internal Server Issues – Website Not ...

Why Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance is so Important. Amay Web Design has completed your website project, and your site is now live. You are all set for business, but what happens to your site from here? Most people think that designing and building the website is all that there is […]

Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Critical to your Successful Website