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Top 5 Website Design Tips for 2019 and beyond

Website design is ever evolving as advancements are made in technology. Let’s take a look at the webdesign hints and tips for 2019. 

Website Design Tips for 2019

1. Mobile Responsive

Having a website that can be viewed and navigated on all devices is our top pick for website design success in 2019. The keyword is usability when it comes to responsive website design. Responsive web designs need to be modern, flexible, simplistic and useable.

2. Website Speed

In 2019, websites not only need to be responsive, but also quick loading. Humans by nature tend to be impatient, so if you want your website visitors to stay and browse your pages, your site needs to load quickly. As more businesses make the move into having an online presence, the scramble to be placed on the first page of search results becomes a harder task. Google looks more favourably on sites that load quickly, rewarding them by being ranked higher in search results. You can test your pagespeed with free online tools like GTMetrix.

Minimal wordpress theme for better seo
Ditch a heavy image-laden website for a minimal design which will help with better page speed.

3. Clean Minimal Design

Also known as flat designs, minimalst designs should be quick loading, on trend mobile first designs. This can greatly help with SEO value. So what is a flat or minimal design? The quick answer is a design that offers minimal content with simple imagery and standard fonts, which all aids in a fast loading website. It should also be easy to navigate and be engaging and eye-catching with contrasting colours. A favourite look I like to create is a simple white background with bold colours. An example of a minimal design, which gives a real punch is Food Express Pro WordPress Theme

4. Big Bold Font

Big bold eye catching font definitely has it’s place in 2019 webdesign. The effect of larger font and line spacing can be of benefit to onlne readability. Gone are the days of 12 or 14 px arial font throughout your website. Readability and comprehension can be significantly improved when font sizes are 18-22 px. Just as important is subheadings in varying heading sizes.

5. Integrated Animations and Particle Animations

Websites are moving away from static images, and using animations instead to engage users. Sometimes if you are going for a minimal design approach, using one or two animated images will help to get your message across and tell your story. What is the difference between Integrated Animations and Particle Animations?

Integrated Animations

These are smaller animations and are helpful for engaging your visitors throughout their entire experience on your website page. Graphics can entertain the user while the page is loading, for example, to keep them on your site. They can also be integrated to work with scrolling, navigation or as the focal point of the entire site.

Particle Animations

This type of animation is lightweight javascript that allow movement to be created as a natural part of the background, all without taking too long to load, helping with the previously discussed pagespeed. We are finding that more clients are using this type of animation to quickly tell what the site is about, to grab visitors attention. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a full novel…

Particle Animation

An example of a Particle Animation. You can add a text overlay and more options if you choose.

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