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Why Do I need a form landing page? Whether I am working on a new website build, or an established site, I recommend an appealing but simple, clutter-free landing page with a form. Depending on the type of business I am working with, a submission form of some sort is […]

Set Up Your Form Landing Page with WPForms

Website design is ever evolving as advancements are made in technology. Let’s take a look at the webdesign hints and tips for 2019.  Website Design Tips for 2019 1. Mobile Responsive Having a website that can be viewed and navigated on all devices is our top pick for website design […]

Top 5 Website Design Tips for 2019 and beyond

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Welcome to our first session of our “Let’s Discuss Series”, where Amay Web Design will bring you information on all things Web Design & Development Related. Our first topic for discussion will be Website Hosting, where we will go into more detail about the Website Hosting Companies we recommend and […]

NameHero Website Hosting – Let’s Discuss Series