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When developing new websites, I have a set of plugins that I always install, as standard, no matter the website or business type. In my opinion, all websites should have an XML sitemap, and the plugin I choose to install to automatically create them is Yoast Seo. What are XML […]

The Importance of an XML Sitemap

How to use Yoast Seo Wordpress Plugin for better SEO
When I am developing new websites, there are some essential plugins that I believe are must-haves for sites built on WordPress. Yoast Seo Wordpress plugin is one of them, and my clients find it easy to use, once they understand how to, and is an important part of ensuring articles and […]

How to use Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin for better SEO ...

We optimise your website and increase your rank on the major search engines, bringing you more customers and business success. What is SEO and how will it help my website? SEO is a marketing discipline focused on increasing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and […]

Seo Strategy to improve your page rank